EXTRAordinary is a one woman show full of humor, craziness and dance. It has songs from different countries, words from different writers and a leading woman, the contemporary woman-machine. 

The woman that does it all and all on demand. She is expected to do it all at her maximum...she must play all the parts: the woman- sex machine, the woman-mixer, the dishwasher, the computer...the woman who is EXTRA and ordinary at the same time, black and white, crazy and logical!

A multi-show that combines elements of acting, dancing, singing and screendance and takes the spectator through an incredible, entertaining experience.

In the part of ....the multi-woman the talented Violetta Gyra

Direction: Antigone Gyra

Costume- Set design-Lighting: Εvdokia Veropoulou

Movement-Choreography: Anna Dascalou

Μusic adaptation: Οdysseas Konstantopoulos

Voice instructor: Vassiliki Rorri

Screendance: Dionysios Tsaftaridis

Dancer in the screendance: Stavros Apostolatos

Make up design: Ioanna Simeonidou

Hair Stylist: George Nikolaidis

Duration: 55min.