Gorkys Wife


A new play about fake biographies, old world ideals and new world fantasies.
It takes place in Los Angeles. A contemporary big city. A place without history. People from all over the world arrive everyday in Los Angeles. They dream, they fantasize, some of them lose their identities, some of them reinvent themselves. It is not random that Hollywood is there, the movie industry, all the production studios, where all the fiction stories are being born.

In this play we watch Veronica, a young woman from the Balcans, an air hostess at Balcan Airlines, who abandons her past and moves to Los Angeles.

An interesting meeting outside of Ralph’s supermarket, a night at Gorky’s. A play on, how someone starts a new life, without a country, without a family, without identity.

Script/direction: Elena Penga
Actors: Violetta Gyra (Veronica) , Chryssa Kapsouli ( Roda), Tasos Pirgieris ( Ben) Dimitris
Nikolaidis ( Maxim), John Panagopoulos ( Leo).
Costumes : Vasillis Kotaras
Scenic Design-Props : Valentino Marengo
Lighting: Κatenrina Maragudaki
Sound effects-Music composition: Οrestis Tanis
Assistant Director-dramaturg:  Zoi Manta
Fotography: Constantinos Rigos, Tassos Vretos, Valentino Marengo