Tejas Verdes



A show based on the victims of torture during the dictatorship of Pinochet in Chile.Takes place in a real mechanic’s shop in Keramiko-Athens. At the same time there is an exhibit in the basement of the Garage with documents, testimonies and videos of that era.
Tejas verdes by Fermin Cabal, the Spanish awarded playwright and directed by Yolanda Markopoulou.Acting in it: Maria Aiginitou, Violetta Gyra, Rena Kiprioti, Tania Palaiologou and Danai Roussou.
In Chile in 1973, Tejas Vedres and old resort outside of Santiago in San Antonio was transformed into a center where the people of DINA performed tortures on all the prisoners.
Fermin Cabal chose five true testimonies of women from the Internet and created an unforgettable experience while commenting on the abuse of human rights.
This is a brave scream against all the abuse and unfairness that took place and can be used as reminder of what is happening today in some places of this earth!
The show was supported by the Embassy of Chile, the Embassy of Argentina, the International Amnesty and the Medical Center for Victims of Torture.