An international residency hosted at  kinitiras studio -Aristicresidency centre.

Elena Penga ( writer) from Greece together with Patrick Morris (director & founder of Menagerie Theatre ) from England and Steffi Mueller (actor/ founder of Hoipolloi) from Switzerland continue their research on superheroes. A work that begun in Cambridge/ UK.

 The question is: How all the superheroes from the comic books can come back to life and save the world!Who are the heroes in today’s world? What is consoder heroic? What powers are considered super heoric and what are the powers WE humans are hiding?

Although the superheroes  were born in the 20th century from comic books and the cinema, they still remind us the 12 gods and the heroes of Greek Mythology.

Acting: Steffi Mueller ,Violetta Gyra, Maria Bagana, Dimitris Nikolaidis, Tasos Pirgieris, Apostolos Fragos etc

HERE THE LINK OF SUPERHEROES 2: Trailer Superheroes 2