Fasten your seat belts! Off we go!

Life takes place on the street.  I run, you run, we run.  And while each person chooses his own path - his own trip - we all end up, by the very nature of the circle of life going through the same “life trip.” Happiness, money, success, recognition…do I have it…do you have it…do we have it?  And our relationships?  Do I have what you want? Do you have what I want? And if we both want each other....can we make it?  We are all on the move, constantly living our solitude, sharing our insanity.  We coexist…we search…we discover! Can we manage to move and to grow in parallel worlds?

ROADTRIP is the first show that transforms a simple car into a moving stage.  The play takes place inside four cars with four passengers on the same route for four different stories in an actual road trip on the streets of Athens.  The audience lives 4 different stories for twelve minutes each, experiencing 2 different age groups of 2 women and 2 men, as they intertwine through the lanes of traffic, through the streets, past the stop signs and traffic lights as journey of life unfolds. It is a performance that connects the audience with the actors as the “audience/passengers” join each act in an elliptical space-time familiar to all of us, driven by the actors on our pilgrimage of common anxiety, wondering what we will find next around each turn of life at the turn of the wheel!  “Where are we going” becomes “what is the future?”  

Concept-directed by Violetta Gyra
Script: Mary Kolonia
Cast : Dimitris Agoras,Vicky Adamou, Flora Kalomoiri, Gerasimos Petikaris
Music: Odisseas Konstantopoulos
Production team: Tzathas K., Gyra N.
Duration: 1 hour
Dates: May 5- June 3
Departure time: 9:00pm, 10:30pm (2 shows daily)
Limited seating: Due to the nature of the show we can only accommodate 15 passengers on each
ROADTRIP so reservations are strongly recommended.