Why Madonna and not me


By Michael Kokkoris
Awarded by the Greek Minestry in 2005

Director: J.Kaltzopoulos
Scenic Designer: George Litzeris

Violetta Gyra
Asadour Woudikian
George Nakos
John Kalatzopoulos

This is a comedy and the writer wrote:

"Valentini wants to become/be like Madonna. Every generation has different ideals, how everyone should live their lives, what it takes to succeed and gain the respect of others. Today's ideal is live to the extremes. The characters of the play- all three of them are at a turning point /crossroad in their lives, every one of them has tried and failed. They are disappointed and now they make a new beginning, being trapped in the distorted concept of success that modern society supports. They see themselves through the eyes of Media, marketing, public relations and the commercials they are used to watch on a daily basis.
They go to extremes, not  necessarily because they experience personal issues but because success and self-fulfilment have been identified with the constant hunt for higher returns, forgetting their true selves and their true needs.
That pop culture gives substance to these kind of values and drives us towards specific dreams/visions we are supposed to have. The “trivial” suddenly seems important and quickly transforms into something new. The self is burnt by the excitement of worthless ambitions and by the kind of energy it attracts ,suddenly we all laugh uncomfortably.