Dead Travellers


Maria Aiginitou
Violetta Gyra
George Stamos
Haris Charalambous

Director: Yolanda Markopoulou
Movement: Antigoni Gyra
Music: Dimitris Isaris
Lights: Electra Perseli
Scenography/Costumes: Alexandra Siafkou

This is a show based on two short stories one of Gabriel Gracia Marquez and one of Alexandros Papadiamantis.Papadiamantis and Marquez never met.  The second one was born 17 years  after the death of the first one, in Colombia, miles and miles away from the island of Skiathos, where the Greek writer comes from. Their respective heroes, however, meet on stage.Two dead travellers floating towards eternity, in two different journeys, bound by their mutual fate.One is craving to reach home, at the village monastery where he will rest his soul next to Virgin Mary while the other one is reaching out to the deep blue sea as the biggest last embrace.
Both of them travelling in their fantasy worlds, in their Odyssey,  free from reality’s boundaries.Four actors travelling in the poetic world of the two writers having as their only tools the language and their imagination.