Spike Heels


By Theresa Rebeck
Director: Cosmin Chivu
Scenic Designer: Shawn Lewis
Lighting Designer: Julie Seitel

With Violetta Gyra, Jaques Maroun

Spike Heels is a story that raisesquestions over sexual issues and its social barriers in our contemporary society. The play deals with a number of compelling problems, including the interplay of adult relationships, the intricacies of the English language, and the differences between perception and reality. The play’s straightforward nature is connected to the lessons of George Bernard Shaw’s Pygmalion. Andrew wished for the best when he began to work with Georgie, his neighbor. He got her a job in his best friend Edward’s law firm, loaned her books, taught her to think in new ways and exposed her to culture. When Georgie comes to Andrew one day after work, Andrew begins to understand that the attraction he shares with Edward is becoming alarming and could destroy his future marriage with Lydia. But when Andrew finally decided to get things under control, the situation take unexpected turns and gets totally out of control. a Liakou, Sophia Marathaki, Violetta Gyra and Maria Salliari