Viva La Compagnia


The Motor Dance Theater Company presents the hilarious comedy “Viva la Compagnia”, with characters from the region of Eptanisa, based on scripts from the 17th and 18th century.
The parts alternate, the actors are traveling in space and time, they get confused with what is old and what is new and the circumstances become extremely funny.
The heroes of Rousmeli, Matesi, Katsaiti, Monteleze and Martinrgou are meeting for one night and they become the “Compagnia” to entertain us with their ordeals, loves, misunderstandings and their mischievous behaviors.

Director: Ana TsihliScenery
Costumes: Claire Breiswell
Choreography: Antigone Gyra
Lighting: Melina MashaAssistant
Director; Eleni Triantafilopoulou
Acting: Petros Alatzas, Kostis kalivretakis, Sophia Liakou, Sophia Marathaki, Violetta Gyra and Maria Salliari