TIMELINE project


TIMELINE Project description

6 roles taken from the real life, the social media. What? Do you think that social media are not the real life? I guess you are right! They are not; they are more real than life itself, they are the true version of ourselves.

They are the space where you can be free, to reveal whatever the daily conventions try to censor. The space where you can pretend to be what you wish you were and make it believable. We communicate, learn, share, fall in love, make a revolution, psychoanalysis, politics, we advertise our work, we challenge our insecurity, we release ourselves through them.

Social media are a big part of our life. An exploration that unfolds into a work with two parts:

The first part is an online experiment that starts on 11th March and develops in front of you, in the screens of your lap tops/pcs with you as participants and observers. 6 imaginative but at the same time totally recognisable characters are born through the social media.  They have a status and they are formed through the social media platforms, giving you at the same time the opportunity to get to know them.

Three men and three women send you an invitation to follow them, to add them as friends, to flirt them, to poke them, to find the relationship among them if there is one, to influence them and to build an online relationship with them. A relationship which will lead into a face to face meeting, when you will have the opportunity to discover if each one of them is what you imagined he/she will be

That lead us to the second part of the project which is the actual performance TIMELINE, a black comedy, which will be on Kinitiras Studio on 17th May and will be the confirmation or the defeat of whatever you have been watching online. Or just the live illustration of the world we have built all together.

 Look for them, then. You might find parts of yourself in them. They might have been made by parts of yourself.

Concept - Director : Vicky Adamou

Text: Christina Sampanikou

and 6 monologues by  Kostas Giannakidis, Chara Giannakopoulou, Lucretia, Christos Polymenakos, Thanasis Rokanas and Grigoris Kapsalas

Performers: Violetta Gyra, Efgenia Deliali, George Nikolaidis, John O., Spyros Perdiu, Christina Sampanikou

Videos : Konstantinos Pilavios

Music : George Bitsikas

Lights – Photography : Pavlos Mavridis

Blog Photography : Spyros Perdiou