Lifetime Member of the Actors Studio, ΝΥ


2003  Graduate of the New School University for Social Research  M.F.A. program of the Actors Studio. (With Scholarships from:  New School for Social Research, Ηellenic Times, Christian Catholic Foundation)

1997 Graduate of the Greek National Theater. ( With highest honors)

1994 Graduate of the 1st Lyceum of Voula.


2015 Production /Direction / Concept of the original mobile-stage production of ROADTRIP 3, a site specific and interactive show in cars while in motion


2015  Made in Munich Content & Films GmbH, working with the production team

Project: Commercial spot  "Schau hin! Was Dein Kind mit Medien macht" for ARD and ZDF.


2013 Grant Writer, for the TIMELINE project an interactive online project with fictional characters, which will end up on stage at Kinitiras studio (Athens, Greece)


2012-13 Public Relations/Grant Writer, EKPLIXI, an interactive, public service project to bring educational and cultural awareness about the art of theatre to elementary-age students


2012 Public Relations/Grant Writer, “The Villains,” a comedic theatrical production


2012 Production / Direction / Concept of the second generation, mobile-stage production of ROADTRIP 2 at Kinitiras studio (Athens, Greece) and National Tour 2012 (Thessaloniki, Volos, Sparti, Skala)


2011/12 Production /Direction / Concept of the original mobile-stage production of ROADTRIP, participating play of the “in progress festival,” at Kinitiras studio (Athens, Greece) 


2010  Production Coordinator, EXTRAordinary, One-Woman Show atArt Gallery Cafe, Six D.O.G.S., NIXON (Athens, Greece)


2010  Production Assistant, 8th International Morelia Film Festival (Mexico)


2010 Public Relations Associate, 1st International Film Festival of Patmos (Greece) WEBSITE:

2010 Production Coordinator, “ELECTRA The Rewrite” by Edward Pomerantz in collaboration with Athens Fringe Festival



2010 Cosmin Chivu, “Flabbergasted” (New York)

2009 Yolanda Markopoulou and Lili Melem, “Shoot Get Treasure Repeat” (Athens)

2006 Saviana Stanescou, "Waxing West" (Los Angeles)

2004 Lydia Koniordou, “Swallow Song” (Los Angeles)


ACTING TECHNIQUE AND IMPROVISATION:  Arthur Penn, Mark Rydell, Brian Reise, Martin Landau, Barbara Bain, Arthur Storch, Richard Courtney, Andreas Manolikakis, Dimitris Emelos, Matej Kejzar, Nina Dipla, Frey Faust, Rob Sweere, Elizabeth Kemp, Susan Ashton.

ΜUSIC: Singing: Νeni Zappa, Maro Theodoraki, Vasiliki Rorri, Nova Thomas (New York) Voice and Speech: Alan Shaterian (Los Angeles) 

DANCE: Alvin Ailey Dance School: L. Zambettι (Improv), Tina Bush (Horton), Sharon Wong (Jazz)



2013“TIMELINE project” by C.Sambanikou, dir. V. Adam, KINITIRAS STUDIO (Greece)

2011    “I told you... You told me” by Jean Tardieu, dir. D.Arapoglou, BIOS basement (Greece)

2011“Gorky’s Wife” by E.Penga, dir. E. Penga, KINITIRAS STUDIO (Greece)

2010“Superheroes” by E. Penga, dir. Patrick Morris, KINITIRAS STUDIO (Greece)

2010“ELECTRA The Rewrite” by Edward Pomerantz, Athens Fringe Festival (Greece)

2010“EXTRAordinary, One-Woman Show” by V.Gyra, dir. A.Gyra, Six D.O.G.S (Greece)

2009    "Why Madonna and Not Me?" by Μ.Κokoris, dir. Kalatzopoulos, Di.PE.THE.Versa 

2008    "Dead Travellers" by Papadiamantis, dir.Y.Markopoulou, SINERGIO (Greece)

2007"Tejas Verdes" by Fermin Cabal, dir.Y.Markopoulou, SINERGEIO (Greece)

2006 "Waxing West" by Saviana Stanescu, dir. Cosmin Chivu, F.A. Theater, Los Angeles

2006 "Viva la Compagnia" dir. A.Tsihli by kinitiras studio, ( Garufalia, doctor)(Greece)
2005 "Death of a Salesman" by A. Miller, dir. De Santos, Tiffany Millennium Theater
2004 "Hecuba" by Euripides, 2100 Square Feet Theater, Los Angeles
2004 "Blood and Honey" Laurel Grove Theater Los Angeles
2003 "Spike Heels" by Theresa Rebeck, dir. C. Chivu, Circle in the Square, New York
2003 "Voices" dir. Sam Schacht Vital Theater, New York
2002 "Comedy Wedding" Dinner Theater, Νew Υork
2002 "Happy Hour" ATA Samuel French Festival, Νew Υork
1998 "Αgela" by Sevastikoglou, dir. D.Korais, DI.PE.THE. Kozanis (Greece)
1995 "The Birds" by Aristophanes, dir. Υuri Liubimov, DELPHI THEATER (Greece) 


2008 "Lathrepivatis" dir. M.Gasteratos, short film, 48 Hour Film Festival, Athens

2006 "Reminder" dir. Beth Moody, short film, Los Angeles

2005 "Place Me" dir. Y. Markopoulou, short film, Los Angeles

2005 "Faith" dir. Antony Parozza, short film, Los Angeles

2004 "Chambre Avec Vue" short film, New York

2003 "Blowback" dir. B.W. Bishop short film, New York

2000 "Sweet Maria" dir. Greg Martini, short film, New York


“Ihni”                       (Ursula)   MEGA CHANNEL

“Astynomos Bekas”  (Olia)            ALPHA CHANNEL


2016  Pierce - American College of Greece/ Theater Workshop on leadership/ Pierce Leadership Academy- Summer Camp. 

2012  Annual Workshop Presentation of “Antigone” by Sophocles at Millfield School (Wells, United Kingdom)

2012  Lead Instructor, Acting classes for teens at Kinitiras studio(Athens)

2011  Original Design and Workshop Presentationof “Antigone” by Sophocles at Millfield School (Wells, United Kingdom)

2007- 2012 Private Coach for students preparing to enter international drama schools and national universities (Methods used: Stanislavsky, Meisner, Vakhtangov, Boal, Improvisation)

2007-2012 Private Coach for acting professionals (theater, film and television)

2008 Original Design and Workshop Presentation “Building a Portrait” at Kinitiras studio (Athens)

2007  Instructor, Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Foundation “Fairy Tales and Story Telling” (Los Angeles)


Greek (native speaker)

English (excellent spoken and written proficiency)

German (conversational)

Spanish (good audio command)